Welcome to the Geographer’s Kitchen!

Every meal has a backstory. The ingredients were grown/produced by someone, somewhere. They may have been processed by others, elsewhere. The styles of preparation also have a place of origin – Italian, Chinese, South Asian, etc. And each food we eat also has a wild backstory – a place where wild plant or animal ancestors were selected and tamed for the sustenance and enjoyment of human communities living nearby. Despite the seeming instant availability of just about everything, we lack context – a sense of place – for our meals.

The Geographer’s Kitchen is a place to explore the rich intersections of food, people and landscape.  A place to put the meal on the map and celebrate the incredible backstories that link our everyday eating to the farthest reaches of the planet – often in ways we can scarcely imagine. Perhaps by understanding these linkages better we may also learn to eat in ways that support and sustain our wealth of food diversity – a wealth we have inherited from countless generations of farmers and food producers.

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