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Local Food meets the Local Food Chain

Gary's Worldview

I knew I should have put a wire cover over the chicken yard. But after nine months fenced under some apple trees our eight happy hens seemed immune — immune to the wild uncertainties looming in the adjacent pinons and sagebrush. Sure we kept them locked in a sturdy coop at night, but otherwise they were outdoor birds. Bears and bobcats, coyotes and weasels all haunt the property, but because of the llamas that live right next to the chickens it seemed that none of these wily predators were interested  (llamas are great guard animals).  At least not until the onset of deep winter. Over the past week Gwen’s dad (Big John) had noticed the bobcat patrolling the area more brazenly and in broad daylight. She always patrols the area, but usually in those crepuscular hours when few are awake to notice. Those midday recons were a sign, but I…

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